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And a Snarky New Year

Let’s start the new year with some fun.

Coming up, a familiar face. Many of us know this character from his appearances on Fox TV’s “The Family Guy”.

Others recognize him — figuratively or literally — from our own subconscious dark recesses.

Celebrating our shadow, friend or nemesis:  “The Evil Monkey”

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Short covets long

lusts bob

Strait perms

frizzy irons

Brunettes tint

Bleached blondes

Purple matrons

Skinhead dudes

Bald clutch Rogaine

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You confuse me w/someone I never was

Mirrors reflect deception

Shadows stalk pseudonyms

Dreams suffer amnesia

& tears evaporate

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Crone clogs, laugh

Your stilettos shank

chic stab backs

Gravity fails feet first

Prada to podiatry

I walk in ugly shoes

over soothing mud

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