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“Purple States of America”
artwork by Audrey Schwartz Rivers
© 2012 All Rights Reserved

Note: This poem is not about any candidate or political party, just a comment about the constant animus of the political process.

Audacity of hope, nope, cope, dope

slipperyslope, microscope

grope, Europe, mope

interlope, Pope, fallop

trope, tightrope, misanthrope



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© 2012 by Audrey Schwartz Rivers and Poetweetry

All Rights Reserved


For KO — some people just do not stop to see the sunsets…

Nature’s paradox:

Arid desert blazes

igneous red

Sea squalls mislay

pearl troves

Lightning bows

neon arc


eve’s rainbow,

allows stars




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© 2012 by Audrey S. Rivers and Poetweetry

We Should Have Seen It Coming

A Poem for the people of Aurora, Colorado —

Bullets cut Superman’s cape

Fly, break neck

Joker poisons self

No baggy tights

double entendre

or Kittlady hiss

Bat signal black

@ midnite




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For the Hispanics & Latinos in Arizona:

Rooster, cross road 2 America

Crow bloody desert dawns

strut rusted AZ fields,

thrill chicas

Doff crown, affix spurs

Gird 4 taboo war

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Plez check label

nxt 2 UR name

This = who U R 4ever

Never step outside the box or else

If U marked “Other”

go 2 end of the line

& disappear

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