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My father died last week.

I have been and will continue to write a cycle of poems about my family. 

However, please allow me a bit of time to pause and reflect.

Thanks so much for your support and understanding.


(aka Poetweetry)

Jack of Hearts

Artist Rendering by Audrey Schwartz Rivers© 2013 by PoetweetryAll Rights Reserved

Artist Rendering by
Audrey Schwartz Rivers
© 2013 by Poetweetry
All Rights Reserved


Knave bluffs

leers retrograde rebukes

cuts hand dealt

draws black aces

Guilt’s trump card

Since he already lost

goes all in

Jokers wild


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© 2013 by Audrey Schwartz Rivers and Poetweetry

All Rights Reserved


First Born


blue ribbon shrine

pristine shoes

Daddy toe waltzes

bedroom sanctum

car keys

genetic guilt

default executor

Last shovelful of dirt


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©2012 by Audrey S. Rivers & Poetweetry

White Light

Do the dying tally hours

or cast moments into days?

Dwell in vicissitudes

or inconsequential dreams?

Can luminosity pierce grave’s finale?



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©2012 by Poetweetry and A. S. Rivers

All Rights Reserved

Nursing Rhymes

Poetweeters Note:  I changed the title of the poem from “Nursery Rhymes” to “Nursing Rhymes.” 

Humpty tumbles

Boughs break

Cradles fall

Jack rolls down

& cracks his crown

All the king’s men useless

Bedtime fables end




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My childhood vexed your dreams

Poems not proms

pets not paramours

Weird daughter disgraced womb

Caretaker never giver

luv priced too high

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