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A pilot whale appears to cry after she and baby (rear) captured at Taiji, Japan for entertainment trade
[Photo via By Bhavna Singh @Bhavz09]

Once our friends

split-fluked ones

invade Cove

Spears rage

Nets drown

Families culled

From sea womb torn

now orphan Calf

forever slave




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Poem © 2013 by Audrey Schwartz Rivers and Poetweetry

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[Photo via Twitter By Bhavna Singh @Bhavz09]



A Road to Nowhere…

Line in sand

cross 2 foam kisses

Listen 2 gulls gossip

find anonymous messages in shells

Walk beach & sea fills steps

as if U never were




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@ 2012 by Audrey S. Rivers and Poetweetry

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Hurricane Ike slams 1900 Hurricane Memorial on Galveston Seawall

Wicked witch rides wind

passes, sheering branches

ghosts rustle atop roofs

ghouls howl thunder

cackle lightening

storm churns nite terrors



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@ 2012 by Audrey S. Rivers and Poetweetry

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Storm Warnings

Street on Galveston Seawall – –
Day before Hurricane Ike struck
Courtesy Galveston Police Dept.

Rats & roaches flee rock jetty       

days B4 earth trembles

sea surges 2 sink human conceits

Child collects shells

mom soaks in melanoma’s rays



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Storm Warnings © 2012 by Audrey S. Rivers and Poetweetry

Photo courtesy Galveston Police Dept.


For KO — some people just do not stop to see the sunsets…

Nature’s paradox:

Arid desert blazes

igneous red

Sea squalls mislay

pearl troves

Lightning bows

neon arc


eve’s rainbow,

allows stars




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Dogs howl

wolf god messages

wildness conjoles

hearth protects

soul’s limbo

free heart echoes

time before master

bed an ersatz den

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No green thumb of spring youth

my brown touch irony

Even cactus weeps thorns

Only weeds thrive

lure lush promises

then poison by regret

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Gray forces mass east

rain shards pummel grass

blades bend defeated

civilian flowers cower

armored snails defend leaves

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