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Floaters, original art

Original art by Audrey Schwartz Rivers
© 2013 Audrey Schwartz Rivers & Poetweetry

Cornea corona

Noon fireflies

Cinder snow

Weiss webs

Captive slug trails

Dancing ants

Twilight tiaras

Opaque omens

Black hole avarice


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© 2013 by Audrey Schwartz Rivers and Poetweetry

All Rights Reserved


What Thomas Wolfe Said…

"Stucco"Original Artwork© 2013 Audrey S. RiversAll Rights Reserved

Original Artwork
© 2013 Audrey S. Rivers
All Rights Reserved

“And he never had the sense of home so much as when he felt that he was going there.  

It was only when he got there that his homelessness began.”

Thomas Wolfe, You Can’t Go Home Again


I don’t exist here

not in dust

nor echoes

UR stucco heart jagged

gate fixed

Yet perdition leaks in

w/mourning doves’ censure

effacing refuge



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