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A Road to Nowhere…

Line in sand

cross 2 foam kisses

Listen 2 gulls gossip

find anonymous messages in shells

Walk beach & sea fills steps

as if U never were




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Hurricane Ike slams 1900 Hurricane Memorial on Galveston Seawall

Wicked witch rides wind

passes, sheering branches

ghosts rustle atop roofs

ghouls howl thunder

cackle lightening

storm churns nite terrors



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Storm Warnings

Street on Galveston Seawall – –
Day before Hurricane Ike struck
Courtesy Galveston Police Dept.

Rats & roaches flee rock jetty       

days B4 earth trembles

sea surges 2 sink human conceits

Child collects shells

mom soaks in melanoma’s rays



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Storm Warnings © 2012 by Audrey S. Rivers and Poetweetry

Photo courtesy Galveston Police Dept.

Hurricane Poems

I wrote a few poems back when Hurricane Ike hit Galveston and Houston’s Bay Area near where I live.

I never posted them.  But with all the interest in “Hurricane” Isaac and the GOP convention, I thought they became timely again.

Hurricane Ike truly devastated our area, only miles from my house. Many favorite business shuttered forever. Some business and residents continue to rebuild today.

For the first time, I’m including some photos to illustrate Hurricane Ike’s force. Some I took. Others I “borrowed” from the Web (thanks if I included yours).

The following are the names of the Hurricane poems:

Before (based on my visit 2 days prior):  “Storm Warnings”

During:  “Whirlwind”

After:  “Adieu”

Mighty Oaks

About family, immigrants, Galveston, Hurricane Ike and destruction:

Mighty oaks greeted

Zayde’s Galveston landing

All survived violent furies

’til Ike’s blitzkrieg released acrid death

& oaks fell

1 by 1

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