Most innocent

We cast upon U

our locker room Christ

our smug sins

greed, envy, gossip

clique rituals

so we can worship God

in the mirror



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Spare me banalities

of bald jocks,

prom queen’s cancer

rich geeks, suicides

All & nothing mends

Old photos con

My name tag reads Anonymous

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Death Watch

For Joyce:

Leaden clouds shroud sun

humidity smothers breath

waiting storms rale

thunder moans

while light flashes on horizon

before darkness comes

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Mighty Oaks

About family, immigrants, Galveston, Hurricane Ike and destruction:

Mighty oaks greeted

Zayde’s Galveston landing

All survived violent furies

’til Ike’s blitzkrieg released acrid death

& oaks fell

1 by 1

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