"INSOMNIA"Original art byAudrey Schwartz Rivers

Original art by
Audrey Schwartz Rivers
© 2013

For Olivia and our AWOL dreams:

Sanctimonious sleep

swat mosquito minutes

While seconds drip

Daymares vex

REM not

Torpor tortures

Fatigue’s final falter

Alarms tattle



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First Born


blue ribbon shrine

pristine shoes

Daddy toe waltzes

bedroom sanctum

car keys

genetic guilt

default executor

Last shovelful of dirt


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Most innocent

We cast upon U

our locker room Christ

our smug sins

greed, envy, gossip

clique rituals

so we can worship God

in the mirror



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Family Vacation

Poetweeter’s Note:  Another title change from “Family” to “Family Vacation.”

Never speak of love,

empathy, tolerance

Keep such cursed words

from lips & heart

Censor benevolence

Deny forgiveness

Welcome home




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Motely parody

Pagliaccio’s savage laugh

Pierrot pirouettes

Harlequin mute shadow

Emmett tramps circus glow

Alas poor Yorick

I know 2 well

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