For KO — some people just do not stop to see the sunsets…

Nature’s paradox:

Arid desert blazes

igneous red

Sea squalls mislay

pearl troves

Lightning bows

neon arc


eve’s rainbow,

allows stars




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Art Deco

Dedicated to Houston developers who tear down architectural treasurers  for  box stores and strip malls.

History = stale

legacy bores

mar frescos

deface horrified gargoyles

trendy sells

conformity brands

few surprises in Happy Meals

Tweeted September 5, 2009
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Fairy Tales

ACT1: Fair maid’s dreams

ACT2: Wicked stepmom thwarts

ACT3: Prince, glass slipper

CODA: Twins, mortgage, evil mominlaw, poison apples

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posted on Twitter: May 7, 2009


Crone clogs, laugh

Your stilettos shank

chic stab backs

Gravity fails feet first

Prada to podiatry

I walk in ugly shoes

over soothing mud

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