Euthanasia #1

For Kayla —

Lock of fur

Spring puppy breath

Comfort of summer ocean foam

Oak’s intense autumnal canvas

Only UR ashes betray

Winter’s harsh fragility

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Abyssinia, Larry

In Belated Memory of Larry Gelbart:

George waits “U assumed central casting?”

Plautus sings “Comedy@Last”

Mac says “ICU got the fax”

Danny makes room

as Johnny deals cards


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Death Mask

In Memory of Joyce

Mouth agape

w/spectral howl?

“Hellalujah’ of salvation?

A penitent “NO!”

Or the final redeeming

Exit for the soul?

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The Lion

In memory of and with profound thanks to

Edward M. Kennedy“Lion of the U. S. Senate”

Lion roars

and all creatures rise

not in fear

but to hear

to heed the king’s sage majesty

as he walks gallantly

into the darkest forest

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Sudden breeze cools torrid summer

your kiss

Impetuous sun melts frigid days

your hug

Rosebuds anew

your love

My guardian angel

with me still

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