Mobile Post: Not For The Squeamish

Because I have such squeamish friends on Twitter, Facebook and WordPress, I’ve been forced to change the title of the poem “Colonoscopy” to “Worm Hole”.


Look for a new — and more politically correct — poem later today



Thank you for all your kind comments during this difficult few months.

I also thank you for your patience and understanding for a too quiet blog.

April is National Poetry Month. I hope to catch up and post frequent poems during this month.

As a snarky commentary about my health issues, I start with a short cycle of “illness poems” followed by a serious family cycle focusing on my father’s death last month and my mother’s a two years ago.

Hope they make up for lost time!

Coming up next….”Colonoscopy”


My father died last week.

I have been and will continue to write a cycle of poems about my family. 

However, please allow me a bit of time to pause and reflect.

Thanks so much for your support and understanding.


(aka Poetweetry)

And a Snarky New Year

Let’s start the new year with some fun.

Coming up, a familiar face. Many of us know this character from his appearances on Fox TV’s “The Family Guy”.

Others recognize him — figuratively or literally — from our own subconscious dark recesses.

Celebrating our shadow, friend or nemesis:  “The Evil Monkey”

Coming up next….

Happy Holidays – with apologies

First, I wish all my readers, visitors, browsers a very happy holiday season – no matter what festivities you treasure. 

Next, I apologize for my lack of postings over these many weeks.  Unfortunately, personal family illness and related issues forced me to focus elsewhere.

Nevertheless, I scribble new Poetweetry ideas on napkins, envelopes and receipts. Look for some fun verses as well as special Christ, personal and animal poem cycles to come in the new year.

Thank you for your support and encouragement for the “new and improved” Poetweetry tweets and blog. I appreciate your time and interest so much!

Again, Happy Holidays and even more best wishes for a Happy and Peaceful New Year!


(aka Poetweetry)


Thanks for your patience while I’ve tinkered with our Poetweetry site.

Hope you like the redesign. We may have to tighten up a few things as we go — you know how these webby things can get funky at times.

Please enjoy future poems, artwork and other posts.

Also, I’d love any feedback you might have about the redesign or Poetweetry in general.  Please feel free to comment after the post — or send me a private note via the “Contact” page above.

I will start out with reprint of one of my first posts that attempts to explain what Poetweetry is and is not.

Again, thank you for reading. Hope you enjoy. Glad we connect via the cyberwaves!



I apologize to those of you wonderful folks who subscribe to Poetweetry

Our Poetweetry blog has undergone urban renewal.  I’m sure every time I make many changes (especially those annoying line spacings), you get a message that I’ve posted or updated something.

I’m sorry! With urban renewal comes obnoxious construction noises.

I’m just about done and plan to start posting POEMS soon.

Thanks for your patience.




(aka Poetweetry)