Editor’s Note

Somewhere I misplaced 2011!

Due to personal, hurricanes and health issues, an entire year escaped without my contributing one poem to either my @Poetweetry Twitter feed or this Poetweetry blog!  

That embarrassing fact alone warrants a couple of poems, forthcoming. Promise!

My 2012 resolution demands I discard my creative doldrums, shake my tokhes and write!

I published several poems on Twitter in 2010 which I failed to post here. Catch up becomes first priority. And, current events inspired several upcoming new poems. 

I apologize for my indolence and thank you for your continued patient following. I can and will do better.


As a symbol of new beginnings in my blog and for the New Year, I want to dedicate my first poem of 2012 to a new friend, Maysoon Zayid.

 A comedian, political pundit, philanthropist, cat lover and destroyer of barriers — physical and emotional — Maysoon fights against prejudice based on religion, disability, politics and gender — the four strikes (Islam, cerebral palsy, liberal, female) against her. Add to the fact that she is a regular contributor to the lightening rod “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” on Current TV as well as ardent Palestinian seeking a peaceful, inclusive and rightful home for her people, she too often becomes the target of hateful comments. She attempts to handle all with courage, humor and desire for understanding.

Her charity Maysoon’s Kids provides scholarships to the only main-stream school for Palestinian children with disabilities.  Her organization also provides playgrounds designed for special needs youth there.  

While we’ve only “met” via her “Countdown” and UTube appearances as well as daily Twitter conversations, I’ve come to feel we are “sisters” despite differing religions and minor geo-political conflicting ideas. Maysoon’s life and work exemplify that comedy and humanity should know no borders. I look forward to meeting her during her upcoming comedy tour.

Please enjoy my new poem “Sisters” for Maysoon and all my ideological sisters, coming up next. 

Shalom and Assalamu alaikum

Audrey S. Rivers, Poetweetry